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Today I want to talk about my training so far. I'm officially on Week 3 of my Ultra Marathon training. Kara (my fellow crazy running partner-in-crime) and I are following Krissy Moehl's 50 Mile training schedule from her book, "Running Your First Ultra". So far it has really been the perfect guide giving us a lot of pointers, workouts, and just good information we need. In full disclosure, I haven't been able to follow the plan 100% because I need to morph her runs/workouts around my work and family schedule.  However, I have been keeping up with weekly mileage recommendations to-date. It has already been a challenge because I have been really adamant about not falling behind, particularly so early in the training process, but I have had random trips and prior commitments already set up that I've had to work around. For example, Week 1 I was in NY for a wedding, so I did my first training run around the streets of NYC, which was amazing! Week 2 I had a family trip planned to take a short cruise to Ensenada for the weekend, so I needed to front-load most of my miles to avoid doing a long run over that weekend. I ended up saving my 5-mile run to complete on the cruise ship last Saturday and my sister-in-law and I ran 15 laps around the deck to check that off the list. Not too shabby!

Week 3 has been a little earlier to work around, but my daughter has a dance competition all day Saturday, so I'm building in some long runs during the week to make up for that. So that is all the technical mileage stuff that comes along with training for me so far. Sounds simple, right? Not so much. What I didn't really expect was to already have some aches and pains coming up so early in the process that have me worried. My right leg has been super tight and sore for several days now and despite my resting, rolling, stretching, icing, heating, and praying, it is still bothering me. So, I have a PT appt set up for next week to have it looked at. Fingers crossed that all is fine.

Another part of the process that I didn't anticipate was the amt of exhaustion/emotion that comes along with running more. The funniest part is that I actually thought I was running a lot before I started this training.  I had this deluded idea that my first few weeks wouldn't feel too different as I ramped up miles. I was wrong! Fitting in anywhere between 25-42 miles/week has been challenging, tiring, emotional, and just straight HARD! I actually LOVE running and really look forward to most of my runs as it is a time for me to connect with some of my favorite running buddies, be alone with my thoughts, or just have a solid hour + to myself to listen to Oprah podcasts or whatever music I'm in the mood for. But, trying to fit in the right mileage has changed my perspective a little bit. I wouldn't say it has taken the joy away for me, because I'm still enjoying it, but it has me a little more 'in my head' about it rather than just running for the sake of running. I actually don't think this is a bad thing, but it is a good reminder that on my recovery weeks, which are built into the program, I want to take a little more time to listen to my body and just run for fun.

Now, fingers crossed that my leg loosens up a bit soon so I can get out of my worry place. Lets be real - I'm sure I'll still be worrying about something, just something else.

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Tue, Dec 18, 2018 5:56 pm