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The Gate Keeper

No, this article is not about Ghostbusters.  It is about you and me and everyone else around you.  We don’t always realize it or think about it or pay any attention to it, but we are the gate keepers.  

Let me back up.  Is there a hobby or craft in your life that you’re oddly passionate about?  I don’t mean your kids or your pets (ok, maybe your pets), but mostly something inanimate.  Are you the type of person who takes extra good care of your sunglasses? Are you someone who gets car washes often and loves to just make sure your rims are always polished?  Or maybe you’re super into music and you like to make sure you always have the most amazing sounding speakers and a super impressive amp (that would be my husband). Maybe you’re into scrapbooking and you love to take extra special care of your family pictures and beautiful albums.  Maybe you take extra special care of your cell phone or your shoes or your wardrobe. Whatever your particular obsession is, I want to leverage it. Believe it or not this is a tool you have that we can capitalize on. We just need to focus it in the right areas of our lives.

The place I’m talking about is your body.  When I speak to people around me, friends, family, clients and gym members, I have noticed a trend.  There are many times a day or a week when we are more careful with how our inanimate objects are treated than our own bodies.  I find that super fascinating. We, as a culture, are very particular with our stuff, but we are not very discerning about what we put into our bodies.  The craziest part is that what we put into our bodies really matters. It matters BIG time. We spend a lot of time just getting through our day, but if we really slow down and think about it we might realize that the junk food we’re often fueling our bodies with is not even making us feel good.  We’re making choices that will perk us up in the present moment, but not that will improve our mood, function, brain, efficiency, or productivity for the rest of the day, week, month or even life. We would get so upset if someone spilled coffee on our favorite white shoes or dropped our beloved iPhone on the ground or poked the tweeter in our $1500 DynAudio floor speaker, but we wouldn’t even bat an eye while feeding ourselves preservative-loaded, high sugar food just to suppress the hunger keep us moving through the day and eventually on to the next meal.

That can all change and we have the tools to change it.  We have the ability to care about something so deeply that we’ll take time out of our own day to research it online, watch YouTube videos about it or meet with like-minded people to discuss it and I think we should keep doing all of that.  I’d also like to embrace that energy, love and attention and channel some of it to our bodies, our temples, the possibly neglected machine-like life force that carries each of us around all day and tries to keep us from falling over. It needs love, it needs a little polish and maybe it even needs a support group with like-minded people to discuss how to take better care of it (like Group Health Coaching).  

The best part of all of this is that YOU are the one in control.  You are the gate keeper. You are the one that makes the decision multiple times a day (hopefully) about how to feed your body.  You are literally the only one who can decide what goes in. It is time to become particular about what you want your body made of and fueled by because it matters and because you can.  

As gate keepers, we have become lazy.  We should be fired. Our bodies are angry and some have gone on strike hoping that our gate keepers will wake up and make a change.  Today is that day. I know that candy from Halloween is calling your name and tastes so good for about 30 seconds and there is a part of you that wants to dig in, but wait.  If your gate keeper was paying close attention and analyzing each meal, would your candy or your food be passing the critical test? It is time to put that gate keeper back to work.  Start putting in the time and effort that I know you’re capable of (since your car is so clean you could eat your healthy food off of it) and start making the decisions I know you can make.  Your body will thank you.

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